Alvarado Leadership Staff

Meet the Leadership Staff of Alvarado After School Program

Site Coordinator: Katy Newman | 415.285.7756

Katy is a GLO Veteran staff and takes the reigns at Alvarado this year as Site Coordinator. She manages all the administrative aspects of the site from staffing to enrollment. Before working with GLO, Katy was a preschool teacher for Marin Day Schools in Pacific Heights and after school programs in Santa Cruz. She has studied Early Childhood Education. In her spare time Katy enjoys hanging out with her 3 chihuahuas, reading and traveling.

Site Coordinator: Melissa Trujillo | 415.285.7756

Melissa returns to GLO as a Site Coordinator. She manages the day to day program components. Along with the rest of the site leadership team she oversees the overall execution of program, provides support to staff and families and develops the newsletter. Prior to working for GLO, Melissa worked in a few preschools and also as a one one behavior therapist with children 3 to 18 years old. Her educational background is in early childhood education. When she is not working with GLO she loves hanging out with her family and friends, working out, being outdoors and traveling.