GLO’s programs are rooted in the idea that children are actively and intimately engaged in the process of learning. GLO students work along side teachers who are, guiding them, supporting them, to inquire about things of interest to them, and about how the world works.

Many approaches to teaching are appropriate for our programs, it is the way we go about teaching and studying the things we do that is important and that makes us unique. When we study something at GLO we study it in depth. It is a combination of the teacher setting the curriculum but also of the children making choices. It is a structure that is always dynamic between what the child may be interested in and motivated to do, what the teacher asks of them, and what is asked by the situation they are in.

The long-term goal here at GLO is independence, children need to be given responsibility, they need to be given agency, they need to be able to fail and learn from their failures. They need to be able to handle themselves in the world, problem solve, be creative, think independently, and cooperatively work along side others.

Academic Support: Students have a daily opportunity to work on homework with the support of GLO staff, and to participate in academic enrichment activities that support the curriculum they receive during the school day. GLO understands the importance of differentiated learning environments to adequately reach all students. GLO classes are inclusive of a wide range of learning styles, are calibrated to the needs and capabilities of different developmental stages, and are targeted to the unique strengths and assets of individual students. Program-wide skill goals, especially those aligned with the Balanced Scorecard and/or state standards, are woven into many GLO classes and enrichment curriculum. GLO staff reinforces school day class content in science, math, and language arts through hands-on experiments, games, and poetry activities.

Program Enrichment: GLO provides enrichment curriculum and activities diverse in breadth and scope that showcase GLO’s expertise in the OST field. Enrichment classes include fine arts, dance, theater, STEM, gardening, nutrition and cooking, and service learning. GLO’s programming approach is customized to meet students’ interests and abilities, and incorporates age appropriate and youth development strategies to best facilitate skill building. GLO specializes in youth development programming for fourth and fifth grade students. GLO Academy is a sophisticated program for our older students focused on long-term skill building in arts and recreation, social-emotional development, and service learning. Continued arts programming are a critical element of GLO’s programming. GLO enrichment activities and are designed to complement school day classes in art, music, and movement.

Recreation: GLO believes in the importance of physical fitness for the well-being of the whole child. GLO provides developmentally appropriate activities to support students’ social, emotional, and physical development. GLO programs offer many opportunities for students to participate in age appropriate recreation activities including basic movement activities, dance, and team sports. GLO Academy offers fourth and fifth grade students opportunities to participate in an intramural sports program between sites.