Alice Fong Yu Leadership Staff

Meet the Leadership Staff of GLO @ Alice Fong Yu Alternative

Senior Site Coordinator: Stefanie Hui | 415.242.8640

Stefanie Hui manages the day to day operations and makes sure the staff and children are always having a great time. Stefanie is also an avid lover of being outdoors and in nature, you can find her hiking, camping and hula hooping. She holds a BA in English with a Minor is Health Education. She  is planning on going back to school next fall to get her Master’s in teaching.


Administrative Teacher: Angela Peraza | 415.242.8640

Hello World, My name is Angelito Peraza and I am the Administrative Teacher at Alice Fong Yu. When I am not at my desk doing some paper work, I am in the classroom as the 4th Grade Teacher in the afternoon. I don’t remember much of what I did before working for GLO back in 2007, but I do know that it was something I enjoyed doing the moment I stepped into a classroom. On my off time I really enjoy my video gaming and sleeping. It’s very much necessary when going to school part time and working full time. I hope everyone has a great year.