Dianne Feinstein Leadership Staff

Meet the Leadership Staff of GLO @ Dianne Feinstein Elementary

20160726_124632Senior Administrative Teacher: Oscar Rodriguez | 415.694.0960

As the Senior Administrative Teacher, Oscar supports the organization and program in any way. Oscar is a veteran staff at GLO who has started as a Teacher’s Aide at Fairmount. He has also spent several summers working for GLO Summer Adventures. Last year he was the Senior Administrative Teacher at Alvarado and comes to Dianne Feinstein to bring his good humor and spirit to the program.  Oscar hold a BA in Arts in Sociology from the University of Texas in San Antonio. In his spare time you find Oscar spending time with his friends and family, watching football and baseball and going on road trips.

Senior Administrative Teacher: Kim Scott | 415.694.0960

My name is Kim Scott and I have just been promoted as the Senior Administrative Teacher for GLO at Dianne Feinstein. I started at GLO as a teacher’s assistant and within a year moved up to teacher then an administrative teacher and now a Senior Administrative Teacher. I am one of the teachers for our Kindergarten classes and also help support all of the staff here at DFES both inside and outside of the office. Before pursuing my passion for working with children and coming to GLO, I attended San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Liberal Studies and double minoring in Humanities and Women and Gender Studies. Soon, I plan on going back to school to get my Masters and Credentials in Elementary Education. In my spare time, I enjoy taking hikes, a nice cup of coffee, and exploring new foods and places.