What’s in a card

Mr. Eden is our 5th grade teacher at the Alvarado After School Program. This year he is working on a legacy project with his students. The legacy project is “What Will We Leave Behind.” The final project will end in a ceremony with a piece of work dedicated to Alvarado from the 5th graders.

The Cards Project

The Cards Project is one of the first in the series of projects with Mr. Eden. Students each blindly selected a playing card from a standard deck with instructions to replicate the cards with non traditional playing card images. They were also asked to create a signature blue pencil design on the back of each card. The first set of cards were done o 5X7 index cards and the set featured here are done on 3X5 index cards. (The 5X7 cards were too large for their hands to manipulate.) The main materials used were colored pencils and markers. After playing their first games we will select the chose top for exhibition(Mr. Eden).